SAND is a research platform, founded by Sara Basha in Alexandria, Egypt in 2018. SAND aims to highlight Egypt's contemporary art scene, promoting creative practices from people who directly relate to Egypt. From artists and creators, to thinkers and curators, learners and educators. This can be creatives who have produced a body of research or work that directly relates to Egypt, or it can be creatives who are Egyptian that work within or out with the context of Egypt. This is so there is a direct correlation between Egypt and contemporary practices. The aim of SAND is to develop safe and inclusive spaces for discussions, exhibitions, installations, performances, cultural exchange, film viewings, cinema, poetry & spoken word. We work towards ensuring artist run, artist led functions. This is due to the lack of contemporary art institutions within the Arabic region as a whole, and restrictions imposed in Egypt. We have recently moved from Alexandria, Egypt and are currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, and in slow progress due to Covid-19.


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